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SKA Trainer Certification

Are you a current or former athlete who still enjoys training and would like to give back to the community by helping our youth reach their goals?

Become an SKA Certified Trainer and:

  • Work with and be a mentor to young athletes (ages 5-14).
  • Enjoy flexible hours while growing your own business.
  • Start with minimal equipment / no gym required to complete workouts.
  • Receive daily printable workouts, access to a video library, and support that is proven to work.
  • Have your athletes compete with other athletes in our global testing bank.
  • Set your own prices according to market value.
  • Receive 100% of training income.

How to get started?

Start your career path today and become an SKA Certified Trainer for $99.99  (no monthly or hidden fees)

To begin the process of becoming an SKA Certified Trainer follow these steps.

Certification of one or more is required: ACE, ACSM, CI, CSCC, ISSA, NASM, NSCA, NCSF, NFPT, or SIEP.

  1. Contact Coach Vinson for Phone Interview.  mikevinson@superkidsathletics.com or 901-598-7812
  2. Create a SuperKidsAthletics.com account by visiting "Register Free Account" (Upper Left)
  3. Send an Email requesting PayPal link.
  4. You will be sent a PayPal link for the one time/no hidden fee of $99.99 (this will cover your background check, online test and SKA membership to view "Daily Workouts")
  5. You will be mailed a 134 page SKA Study Guide.
  6. Within 30 days you will be required to take the 100+ question online SKA Trainers Test.
  7. Upon completion of the Test you will be giving full access to the Member’s Site, Logos and Bi-monthly phone conferences.